An awesome day for both of us!

T waxed his board and was ready to surf it at Tonggs on Saturday afternoon.




The board strap slipped off T’s new board. We pulled into a scenic overlook.





I asked T if he wanted me to take the GoPro out. Unfortunately it had zero battery life.



T had a great time out in the water. Said the board was super fast and couldn’t wait to take it out more often!

I kicked my fin towards the end of our surf sesh.


Thankfully, T had his bed bag in the back seat.


And here’s the best part (for me): We went to Clark Little’s 2nd Anniversary Gallery event on the North Shore. He was having a silent auction for 10 GoPro canvases signed by Kelly Slater. And I had a premonition that he’d be there.. And.. HE WAS! AND I met Clark Little! I bought one of his Hurley “S)(OOTS” shirts. He’s a totally cool guy! Super friendly, super talkative. We (I TOTALLY) had a great time!!


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One thought on “An awesome day for both of us!

  1. Dad says:

    looking forward to seeing Trevor on the new board when the go pro is charged

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