Groceries and Holiday Spirit

Extremely interested in becoming vegan. Taking small steps. We’re still eating turkey. And drinking 2%. I’ll get there :)
Grocery shopping at the Commissary gets you:


Also, T’s birthday is in a week. He would like me to make chocolate chip muffins into a cake.


*I’ve also been doing Hot Yoga. I LOVE IT!

We bought 3 pumpkins from Safeway too.


I wanted to paint one of them chevron and then the other two we’d carve.


Over the weekend, we had TONS of vog (volcanic fog). I think it gave T a headache. My eyes were a little irritated.


And last night, we went to Ben Franklin for craft supplies. I bought orange, purple, and black paper. I created a template for the garland and bat and spent my time cutting it all out and hanging it up :)



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One thought on “Groceries and Holiday Spirit

  1. stephsoul says:

    do it! I’m not straight edge, but I always have moments in life where I want to get rid of anything unhealthy inside my body. and it’s really good for you! and you don’t have to kill to live – there is no discussion about that one. remember: if you eat fish, you are not a vegetarian! they also have a right to live! ;)

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