We’ve got orders!

Friday, Trevor met me on his lunch break to hang out with me before we both went back to work. Neither of us were hungry. That usually means we walk around the MCX (it’s a small “mall”) to look at clothes, sunglasses, etc. We walk by kitchenware and I start yammering on about my old Berkeley house and how I bought sets of (four) white wine glasses, red wine glasses, martini glasses, and champagne glasses. I went on to say I rarely used them but I’m tired of having our occasional glass of wine in our coffee/tea mugs. He so passively said we should get champagne glasses. Without realizing WHY we would buy it (I mean, we’ve had a bottle of champagne sitting in our fridge for the last 3 months.. waiting on orders), he picked up the set and walked to the cashier. Then it hit me. We had a REASON to celebrate! And Trevor knew! In line, I badgered him over and over to tell me. Like Trevor, he wanted to wait and do it romantically. Like Marissa, if there’s a secret or special surprise, I want to know now (even though it’s better to wait). We had bought a Reese’s and Cookies ‘N Cream to snack on at Starbucks and Trevor posed a question: “How many Reese’s are sold in a pack?” I said two. “But what would be ideal?” Three? He nodded. Of course he doesn’t come right out with it, but his analogy was in regards to how long we would be staying here.
SO, after waiting 3 freaking months on orders, we finally have our answer.


Friday night, we celebrated with dinner and margaritas at Mexico Lindo and a glass of champagne at home.




Saturday we played around in the ocean out front.
Through the front yard:









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2 thoughts on “We’ve got orders!

  1. conner1051@yahoo.com says:

    Congratulations on Trevor’s new orders. Hawaii is a great place to be!

  2. Mike says:


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