In Remembrance


Monday was a tough day. Monday was the morning of the memorial service for Trevor’s Uncle Rich. I thought about taking photos of the service. It was beautiful. So many people in attendance. The stage set up in memory of him. Afterwards, the hundreds of people celebrating his life – retelling memories and stories. But I didn’t want to come off insensitive. Plus, I never put my (6+) tissues down.

I only have a few memories of Trevor’s uncle. But the two that are engrained in my heart (no need for photos) are from Christmas ’10 and Thanksgiving ’11.

I was dating Trevor for less than a month when we decided I would fly to IL to meet his sister. AND THEN spend Christmas with his family. Christmas night (after I had flipped through multiple photo albums of baby T and old home movies of Trev not being able to step over a garden hose), we stopped by the Conner household. There I met Trevor’s Uncle Rich, his Aunt Sheri (and her parents), his cousin Dani and her husband. They were in full Laker fan attire. They invited me to play Left, Right, Pass (??). And then later accused me of taking all of their money ;) *I believe his aunt won in the end. But they were all smiles. Completely inviting. And I knew I wanted to be apart of this family for the long haul.

The second memory was over Thanksgiving break. Trevor’s uncle’s son was getting married. And at the reception I could tell his uncle was just SO full of joy. Dancing, and I mean DANCING, with his wife and daughter. He gave a wonderful toast to his son. So touching..

And that’s how I remember him. Trevor has stories for days of his uncle. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by here that he hasn’t spoken about him. He’s been in constant admiration of his uncle. And has every reason to be. My heart hurts for his family. They lost an absolutely wonderful man. He will be missed… Most of all, his smile.

*We also talked about this photo at the celebration afterwards: This does not look like a forced smile. This smile is genuine. And you can totally tell :)


*Trevor wants to write something about his uncle but is currently trying to find the right words. He will post it when he finishes.


*Richard Conner’s memorial page here and photos here.

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