Love Mother Earth


For the first time since I’ve been here, all sides of the island have been clear as heck! Friday to Sunday, there were zero clouds over the mountains. Then Monday hit. But what a gorgeous weekend. I LOVE seeing the mountain’s ridges and fingers. I also love driving on to base in the morning and leaving base in the evening. Beautiful views every time.

P.S. Sometimes I don’t know how I get to and from work. I day dream 90% of the time I’m on my scooter. Or I’m taking in my surroundings. Probably not too safe.. I guess I’m easily distracted by blues and greens… ;)


Trevor and I are also trying to plan a trip to the Big Island over Memorial Day weekend. An early birthday trip?? I think so :) We’re really trying to knock out our scuba classes so we can do the night dive with manta rays. Spooky. Gotta get back to studying….

*Listening to this helps :)


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