A Starbucks Addiction/IEP Readiness

I’ve been frequenting the Starbucks on base for the last week and a half. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on my new crave, coffee. I am hoping today will be my last day here. Trevor and I are looking into WiFi for our place this weekend… We’ll see…


I have been working off and on since January ’12 with a child who is autistic. Today, I finished all 10 modules and quizzes. What are modules? They are similar to PowerPoint lectures (minus the professor). I read, take notes, and get quizzed on the information at the end of each module. I also have to receive a 90% or better on each quiz. The reason I am going through these modules again (I had to do this before working with my client) is because I am getting credentialed through the Department of Education to work with my client in the classroom next school year. They start school Aug. 1st?! Remember going back to school in September??


I am ready for the IEP meeting next week! Wish me luck!


And Trevor joined me! He got off early today :) Gonna go check out North Beach, eat dinner in China Town, go see our friend, Emily walk the runway as a zombie (!!), and watch The Five Year Engagement!


One thought on “A Starbucks Addiction/IEP Readiness

  1. Solana McGonagle says:

    Wow how cool Madi!!! I miss ya! Haha

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