La Vie En Rose

Trevor will be in Illinois visiting family until Sunday. And I miss him. I also miss IL family. But it’s just bad timing. I am running out of savings and work has been so off and on since February… I really need a steady and solid paycheck… And last minute tickets were a whopping $1,100ish (that’s to fly from HNL to LAX to O’Hare and back). So Monday night for the first time, I was the one seeing off Trevor at an airport. We haven’t been away from each other since deployment. Although, I do enjoy having the WHOLE bed to myself.

My boyfriend is the best. He left his cologne and a note for me on my pillow.


I LOVE this smell. Once he left and I cuddled up to his sweet smelling pillow I realized I’d be lost without this corpsman. I’m pretty sure I love him :) He is smart. I mean, like REALLY smart. He will have NO trouble graduating from medical school someday. He is charming. Eg. the cologne. My Valentine’s Day painting project. Opening my door EVERY SINGLE TIME. He is silly and goofy. I LOVE his laugh, like when he finds something really funny – that laugh.

I’m missing that Mahpunk right about now…

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