Earth Day At MCBH

Saturday was supposed to be spent running errands and getting things together before Trevor had to leave for IL. But while Trevor was surfing the internet on his iPhone (as he usually does when he waits patiently for me to finish catching up on blogging :)), he saw that “Big Baby,” Taylor Wily from Forgetting Sarah Marshall would be on base that afternoon. We left Starbucks and head to base where we shopped the MCX (and received 20% anything that fit in our reusable bag). We grabbed lunch at a food truck – hot dog and steak plate.


*I may have O.D. on coffee and Red Bull that day. I thought I was immune to the effects of caffeine (because I used to drink 3-4 Diet Cokes a day), but Red Bull and Skinny Mochas may lead to my demise…


After lunch, we went back to the MCX and met “Big Baby.” We had him sign 2 fliers for Alex and Michael and bought Alex one of his shirts. Alex REALLY wanted to meet him while the family was out here.. Especially when we told him our friend, Spanish Mike had run into him before on the island.



That afternoon, Trevor and I made our way to Ala Moana Mall to fix my iPhone lens. We (and I mean “I”) had an awesome time doing the Ellen Dance Dare to Trevor while in Express Men. These stores play this loud music, how I am NOT supposed to dance like an idiot? I was quoted, “This is the season for hands.” (my dance interpretations include A LOT of hands) and, “This is my Coachella.” I LOVE goofing around with Mahpunk in public ;)

We later drove to Aiea to watch a UFC fight at Clint and Tasha’s. I got to hold baby for what felt like forever :) P.S. My arms were SO sore afterwards. Totally worth it. She is getting SO big and she has the sweetest little face. Still over the moon for the Peyton Ohana.




Everyone’s pushing for Trevor and I to be next :) HA. I guess spending time with her over the weekend didn’t help because I woke up this morning believing I was 7 months prego. CREEEEPY.

After leaving the BBQ, Trevor and I got all dressed up and went to an art show at Black Cat (HIS salon ;)). Then we enjoyed happy hour at Formaggio’s. An all around gooooood night.

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