“Do You Remember”

Sunday may have been my favorite day of ALL TIME, minus the hangover. Thanks a lot, cheap booze. All I have to say about that is I support my corpsman’s abilities in performing medicine. After taking care of me, I was picked up, tucked into bed, Despicable Me playing on the laptop, and thai food on the way. What an UH-MOZ-ING boyfriend. Feeling a little better, we got ready for JACK JOHNSON!


We met up with our friends, George and Katy at Soul de Cuba for some drinks (not me) and appetizers.


Our seats were perfect! Row B, seats 3 and 4. I could almost touch them. Paula Fuga performed first. I have loved her for soooo long and it was nice to see her in person! Then John Cruz. And then finally, Jack Johnson. All of them performed without a band. All acoustic.


They also performed a couple songs together. One of my favorites was Paula Fuga’s Country Road.


For the encore, Jack played a few songs RIGHT in front of us! It was ridiculous how close he was.



I was absolutely blown away. When he was leaving the stage I was “wooo”ing and while saying his thank you’s, he looked at me :D This will forever be what I think about when we play his music. What a concert…

A couple of professional photos from his performance :)



Love you, Jack Johnson!

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2 thoughts on ““Do You Remember”

  1. fishandpoi says:

    Wow – great pictures. What an experience. Have you heard the new CD? Check it out – http://www.mainlandkamaainas.com

  2. […] him again! Ha, in the last year I’ve seen him in concert once (waiting for tickets and at the Hawaii Theater) and 3 separate impromptu “concerts” (North Shore farmer’s market, A Deeper Shade […]

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