Attack Of The Man-O-War!

Yesterday Trevor invited me to his lunchtime PT. Trevor and a couple guys were going to swim to Flat Island and back. Instead of joining them (I would have felt awkward), I laid out and soaked up that Hawaiian sun.



Apparently on the swim back, Trevor swam through a man-o-war’s tentacles? Ha, it’s no laughing matter. Poor baby was stung on the forehead, cheek, and armpit. I’m glad I didn’t PT with them… I do not like those little buggers.



On a different note, Wednesday I ran into “Big Papa.” He is a lizard that sits on top of our gate every morning to puff out his neck flap and bask in the sun. Ha (not to be confused with “Big Papa” the gecko… different guy). Anyways, he must have just recently lost his tail. And I felt bad for him.


At the end of the day Trevor and I watched a helicopter on base take off. I’m sure the military sucks (hard) sometimes, maybe even most of the time, but MAN OH MAN… I don’t think it can get better than this. Hawaii (and Trevor) have my heart :)


P.S. I LOVE watching military helicopters and planes take off, circle the island, and land. Love seeing them when I arrive and leave base.

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