Third Times A Charm!

Saturday was SUPPOSED to be a day dedicated to errands.

Recently I’ve have been counting the days – my family is coming to Hawaii! I have been cleaning the house and Trevor has been organizing our plans around the island. I thought I would be spending the day at Target (my favorite place to walk around :)). But when I went to reach for a bathing suit, Trevor let me know we were on a time limit. He explained we needed to be home for dinner and maybe a movie. I was okay with sacrificing dinner and a movie to walk around Target… because I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like. But I followed his instruction and left Target with only the things we needed. Trevor asked if I wanted to go to Wahoo’s for dinner and see Act of Valor. Nothing sketchy about that… We deserved a date night…

But after we parked, he grabbed my hand and we ran across the street. This is where I started to get anxious. We walked into Hawaiian South Shore and I noticed a group of people. I instantly thought Kassia Meador is here (ONLY because earlier in the week Trevor bought me an all women’s longboarding DVD featuring my favorite surfer of all time… Kassia…).


To my surprise, it was Heather Brown. She was signing artwork and taking photos with her fans/admirers. I bought one of her prints and worked up the courage to speak to her. I told her I’ve been loving her newest piece, “Enchanted Islands”, and that Trevor and I saw her sell her original (the one for $10,000?! And semi-stalking her…? THIS post).

I wanted to gush about:
1. Being a fan for the last 4 years
2. Having 3 of her pieces (prints of course) hanging up in our house
3. Inspiring both Trevor and myself to paint
3. Dying to get her seahorse tangled in seaweed tattooed on my forearm (is that weird?)
4. How she’s an amazing artist and deserves all the success she’s recently received

*Her artwork is EVERYWHERE out here!

And here she is, trucker hat and all :) signing my artwork and taking a picture with muah!




Finally! I got to meet her! Thank you, boyfriend. That was a WONDERFUL surprise! You SNEEEEEAKY Mahpunk! ;)

Check out her artwork here!


One thought on “Third Times A Charm!

  1. Mom says:

    Trying to write lesson plans but always love to see what you are up to.
    Trevor is a doll. I know you love Heather Brown and I am so glad you have a fantastic photo with her (not pumping gas).
    See you both soon!!!

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