Don’t Judge A Book By Its Movie

Trevor and I have been anticipating The Hunger Games movie since we saw the preview 3 months ago. We would google “movies that show The Hunger Games preview” and then go see that movie. Two weeks ago Trevor bought us tickets to see The Hunger Games in IMAX for the Thursday midnight showing. We brought along snacks and Red Bulls (to save money and to stay awake). We also wore our District 12 shirts we bought for the Makahiki Challenge.





After seeing the movie, Trevor loved it. I was not too pleased. I did not like the cast, the acting, or the fact that the actual Hunger Games lasted 15 minutes… The book was MUCH better. Oh well, at least I don’t feel anxious about waiting for the last two books to become movies…

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One thought on “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Movie

  1. Solana says:

    Thats sooo true!!!! I needed more gore and it needed to last 5 hours and more details!!! But the movie is never what you would expect after reading the book.

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