“Rain, rain, go away.”

At 6:00am this morning we woke up to the flickering of light through our jalousie windows. Trevor jokingly said, “Mother nature is putting on a rave.” There was a lightning storm going on above the Moks. We went outside to check it out and then immediately turned back once we saw the rain heading our direction. Trevor then received this text message:

“Flash flood and hail storm on MCBH. Work has been postponed til 0900 pending that this storm improves. Anyone driving please be aware. Mudslides have been spotted on the highways. Pull over if you need to. All entry points to the flight line are closed as of right now.”

He later received this picture – showing the size of the hail on base.


My client’s services on base were cancelled today as well. So far, it’s stopped raining. But every once in awhile we can hear the rumbling of thunder. I guess the wetter, the better. We have a mud run tomorrow that we’re super stoked for. Guess we’ll get extra muddy :)

*Updating previous posts with photos: “Flooded in” and “Crazy, busy weekend.”


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