Flooded In

When we checked our weather app this week we knew it would rain Monday and Tuesday, but had no idea it would pour. For hours. And hours. Lightning. And Thunder storms. Non stop. As a result of 48 hours of rain, our carport (and the entrance to our cottage) had flooded and the water was rising. And that wasn’t our only issue. Last night our hot water went out.


So this morning I had an electrician, a plumber, a caretaker, AND the fire department at my house. Why the fire department? They were called to pump the water out of our flooding carport and backyard. It was no use though because they had nowhere to pump the existing water to.


We set up sandbags in front of the car and hopefully that will help our situation. FYI, the water level was above my ankles. AND it was hard to get into Trevor’s truck this evening – I had to hop in the bed of the truck and had to be taken to dry land for me to then get into the passenger seat.




One thought on “Flooded In

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