Surf. And Then Surf Some More.

Yesterday Trevor and I went out to surf after work. We finally received his Christmas gift! A new surfboard! And he just had to try it out :)


We picked up Joe’s board and met him at Castles (our local surf spot). For the first time in awhile it wasn’t so.. gloomy.




This morning we woke up around 8am, blasted a surf video, and got stoked on waves. The first sunny morning in awhile too. We were so lucky to have our friends out in the water. In the masses. George, Mac, Joe, and his wife, Easton. We had tons of fun out there.. Minus getting stung by a man-o-war (who wrapped himself around my fingers and toes).



Unfortunately, Trevor was attacked my a man-o-war as well. And he has the battle wounds to prove it. Although this picture is of the gash my board gave him.. Serry.


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